The software provides with pairing algorithm based on Vladimir Korsak grouping method. It is a variation of MacMahon Swiss pairing system. Main idea is in separating one MacMahon group to higher and lower ones and than pairing the first players from these group parts while the group has more than one player. (Nevertheless the last round is paired by 'the first against the last' schema.) Unpaired player should be paired with middle player from next MacMahon group.

Following languages are supported by AutoKorsak:

  • English,
  • Russian and
  • Ukrainian.

It is possible to add another language using XML-based translation file. Contact the software developer for details.

AutoKorsak uses a data format that is compatible with Christoph Gerlach MacMahon software. This approach allows to be flexible with pairing and use both pairing programs.

The software is compatible with EGD rating system.

The application is also well-integrated with EGD in term of player searching. It is possible to find any registered player and import all the data into a player's card.

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